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An Edinburgh townhouse oozes class and sophistication

Large-scale solutions were required to make the huge rooms of this Edinburgh townhouse feel like a comfortable family home Edinburgh is known the world over…

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How one interior designer created ‘country’ without the ‘twee’

Bold patterns and rich colours have allowed this petite East Lothian cottage to make a big impact The enduring popularity of plain, neutral interiors is proof…

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Inspiration from all over the world brings this family home together

An intriguing blend of Scottish and Middle Eastern influences has given this steading a flavour all of its own Aberdeenshire is about as far away from Middle…

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Glasgow conversion takes urban sophistication to new heights

The former Westbourne School for Girls has graduated to residential use, winning honours for style in the process Many of Glasgow’s grand terraces and…

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Tigh­nabruaich villa gets an elegant makeover

A holiday home should harness the best of the weather, just as this West Coast villa does Amanda Rosa, the interna­tionally acclaimed interior designer, was…

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Villa in the west end of Glasgow receives the full treatment

A Victorian villa that had lost many of its original features has been given a second chance Even the most experienced of interior designers might have felt a…

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Inspiration from Selfridges’ perfume counter

Fashion designer Tom Ford unwittingly inspired this luxurious kitchen in a refurbished townhouse To be an interior designer is to be constantly on the lookout…

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Willing convert

A tired Victorian farmhouse has found new purpose as a generous, unfussy and very comfortable shooting lodge in Perthshire The risk with any conversion is that…

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Moving on up

Rising to the challenge of creating timeless style in a modern home Old or new? It is a tough choice for any house hunter, but for a professional it’s agony.…

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Chills and thrills

A new chalet in Chamonix is glamorous enough to tempt spies to come in from the cold Calling Barbara Broccoli. Should you need a skiing location for your next…

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