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Tigh­nabruaich villa gets an elegant makeover

A holiday home should harness the best of the weather, just as this West Coast villa does Amanda Rosa, the interna­tionally acclaimed interior designer, was…

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Villa in the west end of Glasgow receives the full treatment

A Victorian villa that had lost many of its original features has been given a second chance Even the most experienced of interior designers might have felt a…

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Inspiration from Selfridges’ perfume counter

Fashion designer Tom Ford unwittingly inspired this luxurious kitchen in a refurbished townhouse To be an interior designer is to be constantly on the lookout…

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Willing convert

A tired Victorian farmhouse has found new purpose as a generous, unfussy and very comfortable shooting lodge in Perthshire The risk with any conversion is that…

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Moving on up

Rising to the challenge of creating timeless style in a modern home Old or new? It is a tough choice for any house hunter, but for a professional it’s agony.…

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Chills and thrills

A new chalet in Chamonix is glamorous enough to tempt spies to come in from the cold Calling Barbara Broccoli. Should you need a skiing location for your next…

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Show boating

It’s all shipshape below decks as a canal barge gets a makeover Readers of a certain age might remember the TV show Challenge Anneka. When Scottish Canals…

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La Casa Blanca

This whitewashed house, in the prettiest village in Mallorca, mixes traditional rural charm with chic modern touches Away from the lager- soaked resorts of the…

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Caledonia wild

The Victorians’ love of all things Scottish has left us a rich supply of highland lodges ripe for conversion into modern-day pleasure palaces The Victorians…

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Rest easy

The problematic conversion of a Georgian townhouse called for the safe hands of interior designer Ian Smith There is no greater endorsement of a project than…

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