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Rural pad in Perthshire is all about laid-back relaxation

A Perthshire cottage has allowed two designers to find creative freedom When Alison Vance moved to Scotland eight years ago, she knew that for all she was…

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This Georgian home in Edinburgh does period drama in style

The risks of doing something different have paid off handsomely in this Edinburgh home Most people hire an interior designer because they feel it’s a risk to…

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How one American designer took this London penthouse to new heights

American designer Rachel Laxer brings transatlantic glamour to the interior of this Belgravia penthouse What happens when a globe­trotting home ­owner hires…

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Edinburgh home proves pragmatic design can be powerful

A dazzling townhouse refurbishment is raising the standard in Edinburgh When Anna Atwal and her husband Haj bought a flat on Edin­burgh’s Great King Street,…

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Period apartment mixes luxe design with comforts of home

Hotel design has informed the interiors of this Edinburgh holiday flat It has happened to all of us: you go away for the weekend to a cool, stylish hotel, fall…

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New York apartment transformed into a plush pied a terre

Manhattan is no place for bland and ordinary, as the owners of this apartment discovered when they asked designer Robin Baron to give it a makeover When it…

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An Edinburgh townhouse oozes class and sophistication

Large-scale solutions were required to make the huge rooms of this Edinburgh townhouse feel like a comfortable family home Edinburgh is known the world over…

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How one interior designer created ‘country’ without the ‘twee’

Bold patterns and rich colours have allowed this petite East Lothian cottage to make a big impact The enduring popularity of plain, neutral interiors is proof…

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Inspiration from all over the world brings this family home together

An intriguing blend of Scottish and Middle Eastern influences has given this steading a flavour all of its own Aberdeenshire is about as far away from Middle…

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Glasgow conversion takes urban sophistication to new heights

The former Westbourne School for Girls has graduated to residential use, winning honours for style in the process Many of Glasgow’s grand terraces and…

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