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This life: Errol Park

Weddings, polo ponies, conservation and renewable energy are all in a day’s work for the man who runs this Perthshire estate Friendship means everything. The…

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Escape: Well Court Hall

Innovative architecture and carefully crafted interior design has turned this former community hall into a stylish getaway in the heart of Edinburgh We’ve…

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A meticulously designed Glasgow townhouse takes a bow

When Emma Ellson was first invited along to see a client’s latest property acquisition, she had to look past a lot of dated décor and uneven…

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Behind closed doors: DAD Bookbinders

Breathing new life into old books, a team of artists in Glasgow are keeping an ancient craft alive Given the nature of our throwaway culture and insatiable…

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This Life: Georgina McMaster

The wildlife and nature of rural Aberdeenshire provide ideal inspiration for this Scottish painter Georgina McMaster is beaming as she opens the door of her…

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Dornoch project mingles Riviera chic with Highland highlights

Riviera styling breathes new life into a home on Scotland’s far north-eastern coast For some peculiar reason, holiday homes often fall victim to wardrobe…

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Catherine Henderson’s home overhauled, ready for a new chapter in her life

A career’s worth of skill and knowledge has been poured into this interior designer’s home on Glasgow’s southside A pilates holiday in the Mediterranean…

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