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New Mackintosh: Decorating with CRM

Thirty years of makeovers, reconfigurations and overhauls at this house in Bridge of Weir have finally produced the perfect specimen When the Morrisons first…

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Eastern promise: A pied à terre goes Oriental

When the owners of this petite London flat started to feel claustrophobic, there was only one man to call: Dan Hopwood, master of the art of turning a…

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Neo-gothic mansion reaches new heights of extravagance

Mount Stuart, on the isle of Bute, is well known for its elaborate and ornate architecture. Now, though, thanks to a series of installations by artist Lucy…

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Room not gloom: An Argyll villa transformed

A gloomy Victorian villa on the shores of Argyll has been magically revived thanks to a light-filled glass extension Mary MacCallum Sullivan just laughs when…

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West side story: blue guest-house overlooking the Isle of Mull

Painted blue to reflect the sea and with sheltered verandas to capture the sunshine, this guest-house gets the best out of every season Tigh na Mara (Gaelic…

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Hidden treasure: new-build house tucked behind the pine trees

In a remote spot on the coast, tucked behind a thick belt of pines and invisible from the sea that lies before it, is the house that Jennifer Veitch, who owns…

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Out back: townhouse with a Bondi feeling of light and space

Outdoor living and lots of light and space are taken for granted Down Under. Could they be combined with the sandstone and cornices of a listed Glasgow…

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Living large: cottage extension was no ordinary project

Adding an extension to effectively quadruple the footprint of your cottage would normally have the planners up in arms. But this house, in the Cairngorms, was…

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Endless summer: converted Palladian mansion inspired by orangery

Designed to mimic a traditional orangery, this new-build holiday home in Elie thrives on blue skies and sunny days. And with one of Scotland’s best beaches…

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