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Shortlisted for a prestigious award, this house has simplicity at its core

Hewn out of the rock, perched on the edge of a cliff and hunkered down in the gorse and heather, this house is embedded in every sense in its surroundings…

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Kitchen transformed with extension and new wine cellar

The dark, dingy kitchen of this Victorian villa has been transformed by the addition of a spacious glass extension and the creation of a superb wine cellar…

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Modern and traditional merge at this mill house extension

The owners of this house just wanted a practical solution to the problem of muddy boots, but they ended up with clever, sculptural addition to their home…

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Calm taupe reigns supreme in this Aberdeen new build

Gold, grey, cream and silver join forces to give this home the cohesion and flow its owners craved New-build homes. So fresh, so snugly insulated and…

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Antiques dealer’s home has elegance, poise and personality

Its ever-changing contents span several centuries, half a dozen nations and countless periods, yet this effortlessly stylish Regency townhouse holds together…

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Period architecture gets a colourful facelift

This Georgian apartment is rich in colour and texture thanks to influences that stretch from the Steppes to the South Seas As she looked around the concrete…

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Modernist principles prevail at this Edinburgh new build

In a neighbourhood full of clever architectural experiments, this cool slice of modernism fits in perfectly Perhaps the most noticeable thing about the new…

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American and Scottish flavours in this remodelled pad

That’s east coast of America meets west end of Glasgow – the results of a vibrant, harmonious collision that brings out the best of both worlds When you…

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Reconfiguring an Edinburgh home has created new light and flow

Creating a sense of flow from the front of this Victorian villa to the back and out into the garden has opened the whole house up to the light Getting to know…

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Revamped mews oozes style and sophistication

Precision planning and infinite attention to detail were the key ingredients in the task of turning a cramped mews into a small but perfectly formed home…

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