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Inside Toby Paterson’s Glasgow studio and home

Whether at home or in his studio, Toby Paterson has a way of arranging the space so that inspiration flows and fellow creatives can’t help but follow Before…

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This Life: Liz Phillips

Life on the farm isn’t all tractors and lambing: Liz Phillips also makes time to turn found objects and feathers into unique pieces of art Words Anna…

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Beach-front house makes the most of its coastal locale

A house in North Berwick is finally making the most of its assets, thanks to a thorough reconfiguration to let in the views Those quirks that pass as…

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A mix of Georgian, Victorian and modern makes for an eclectic home

With a Georgian heart, Victorian additions and a brand new extension, this house could have been a fright. But careful planning and clever design have brought…

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Natural palette brings light into this suburban extension

A simple combination of unadorned slate, sandstone and oak has produced much more than the sum of its parts in this house in the suburbs of Glasgow Getting to…

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Arts and Crafts coach house gets a modern makeover

An Arts and Crafts cottage and its former coach house were living separate lives until their new owners saw the potential to give them a happier relationship…

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Luxurious Paris flat dressed to the nines

When your neighbours include Gucci, Dior and Chanel, it really wouldn’t do to look scruffy. Happily, this luxurious Paris flat has been dressed to the nines…

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Reclaim and reuse – the mantra for this luxurious family home

Old lab benches and former museum display cases rub shoulders with courtroom discards and salvaged French hotel doors in a surprisingly harmonious – and…

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Clever design tricks make this apartment look twice the size

A compact Manhattan apartment has the impact of a place double the size, thanks to rich, jewel-like tones, glittering finishes and some dazzling design ideas…

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