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Aberdeenshire home gets its own fairytale ending

Turning this house from ugly duckling into elegant swan was less abracadabra and more hard graft – although there were plenty of magic moments along the way…

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17th century masterpiece in Leith restored

This historic house in Leith was on its last legs before a couple of dedicated architects took it on and restored it to rude health Nicholas Groves-Raines is…

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This Life: Guy Grieve

The adventurer searched the world for thrills before discovering all he needed was right on his doorstop in the Sound of Mull Some people have an allergy to…

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Life through the lens

Relocating from London to the quiet, picturesque village of Cellardyke in the East Neuk of Fife has given photographer Sean Dooley the time and space he needs…

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Project with a cantilevered element runs into a waterfall

Rule-breaking geometry and gravity-defying living space set this Stirlingshire new-build apart – yet it somehow all adds up to an impressively harmonious…

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Shortlisted for a prestigious award, this house has simplicity at its core

Hewn out of the rock, perched on the edge of a cliff and hunkered down in the gorse and heather, this house is embedded in every sense in its surroundings…

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Kitchen transformed with extension and new wine cellar

The dark, dingy kitchen of this Victorian villa has been transformed by the addition of a spacious glass extension and the creation of a superb wine cellar…

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Modern and traditional merge at this mill house extension

The owners of this house just wanted a practical solution to the problem of muddy boots, but they ended up with clever, sculptural addition to their home…

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Calm taupe reigns supreme in this Aberdeen new build

Gold, grey, cream and silver join forces to give this home the cohesion and flow its owners craved New-build homes. So fresh, so snugly insulated and…

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Antiques dealer’s home has elegance, poise and personality

Its ever-changing contents span several centuries, half a dozen nations and countless periods, yet this effortlessly stylish Regency townhouse holds together…

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