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Rural pad in Perthshire is all about laid-back relaxation

A Perthshire cottage has allowed two designers to find creative freedom When Alison Vance moved to Scotland eight years ago, she knew that for all she was…

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This Georgian home in Edinburgh does period drama in style

The risks of doing something different have paid off handsomely in this Edinburgh home Most people hire an interior designer because they feel it’s a risk to…

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How one American designer took this London penthouse to new heights

American designer Rachel Laxer brings transatlantic glamour to the interior of this Belgravia penthouse What happens when a globe­trotting home ­owner hires…

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This extension to a Highland Georgian property packs a punch

No one would mistake this extension for an original part of the Georgian house attached to it – which was exactly what the owners wanted Conservation…

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Victorian granite Aberdeen home gets a must-have makeover

This 1860s house has kept its period features but fused them with a cool, modern Scandinavian style When Emily and Andrew Curthoys moved to Aberdeen for…

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New build on the Moray Coast has flexible living space and impressive views

Designed to harness summer and withstand winter, this Highland home is setting new standards Just as film directors are warned never to work with children or…

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This Life: bakery47

A good honest bakery. Anna and Sam Luntley are modest people in every regard, but when it comes to trying to sum up their business, bakery47, ‘a good honest…

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