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After a bumpy start, this project came together with impressive results

Self-build projects are never straightforward, but the rewards outweigh the risks Given the choice between renovating an existing property and building a brand…

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Fresh, subtle updates make this cabin a summer hotspot

A lakeside cabin in the Wisconsin woods offers a stylish summer escape Picture this: it’s summer. The sun is beating down on the motionless, glistening lake.…

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Contemporary reimagining of a Georgian villa

This new-build in North Berwick has been designed to outlast its Georgian and Victorian neighbours Naming your home Solid House could be tempting fate –…

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This Life: Kris & Graham Currie

Running a business and designing buildings – all in a day’s work for this Edinbugh-based couple It’s not often that the worlds of the romper suit and the…

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Behind closed doors: Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre

A former cleansing department depot in Glasgow is home to a unique organisation that aims to celebrate the art of puppetry and take it forward into the future…

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Rural pad in Perthshire is all about laid-back relaxation

A Perthshire cottage has allowed two designers to find creative freedom When Alison Vance moved to Scotland eight years ago, she knew that for all she was…

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This Georgian home in Edinburgh does period drama in style

The risks of doing something different have paid off handsomely in this Edinburgh home Most people hire an interior designer because they feel it’s a risk to…

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