Top tableware for fancy dinners

Make mealtimes a daily pleasure with tableware designed to whet the appetite

If you can’t dine out right now, make sure eating at home is a fun experience. With all the money saved from home-cooking rather than treating yourself, perhaps it’s a good time to invest in some classic tableware to spruce up your evening meals. We’re not just talking about plain white bone china, have fun with your space and breathe some life into your routine.

1 Rainbow linen napkins, £50 for set of two, Summerill & Bishop 2 Grill Power oven gloves, £25, Stuart Gardiner 3 Resin candlesticks, £175 each, Margit Wittig
1 Mineral blue jug, £34, Falcon Enamelware 2 Afternoon teacups and saucers, from £36, The Fife Arms 3 Gilded full-border classic bone chine in Duke Blue, from £24, Xavier China

Once dinner parties are back on the menu, you can impress your guests with colourful napkins, beautiful stemware, and centrepieces to die for. Who needs restaurants? Get a gourmet experience from the comfort of your own home.