Issue 134 – January & February 2021: Editor’s Welcome

Photo: Izabela Viskupova

A visit to a friend (when it was allowed) revealed an inspirational new decor choice. It wasn’t a sofa or a lamp or any of the usual interior suspects – in fact, it wasn’t even in her house. As I climbed up to her second-floor flat I noticed the walls of the tenement stair had been freshly painted. The colour? A deep chocolate brown. Wow, I thought, that’s brave. And then I started seeing it. Who’d have imagined this staple of the 1970s, long banished to the broom cupboard, would make such a heroic comeback? If you need convincing, see how good it looks in Trendwatch on page 42.

It got us thinking about how much confidence matters in design decisions. You need belief to see it through. Two brilliant examples in this issue are Jessica Buckley’s luscious textures and bold brights on page 198, and the radical transformation of an old church hall in Kelso into a clever, sustainable home on page 142. Both required a leap of faith and both delivered big time.

This new year’s buzzwords – reuse, reclaim and redecorate – are turned into action on page 47 with a selection of insider tips and tricks. And there’s more: head to page 221 to devour the first course of our delicious debut – the food and drink special.

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Editor’s picks:

Left: Food & Drink, Seafood Shack, page 222; Right: Case Study – Out Of This World, page 213
Design Notes, Roche Bobois, page 36
Clockwise left to right: Kitchen lighting, Adorno Design, page 87; Art News, RSA, page 109; Monitor, Colville, page 29
Left: Architecture – Born Again, page 142 Right: Sampler wallpaper, Nat Maks, page 55