Issue 126 – July & August 2019: Editor’s welcome

Gil Welsh headshot

Photo: Izabela Viskupova

Beyond beige and taupe is colour. It’s on the rise, and it’s refreshing. Bold tones are popping up all over, including in some unexpected places, like kitchen cupboards and bathroom sinks. A sign of new-found assertiveness? A fresh spirit of adventure? Whatever it is, I like it.

This issue is full of ideas for embracing both rich palettes and softer shades. Trendwatch (page 60) kicks things off with zesty orange, a chic and assured choice for a confident interior, while our homage to pastels (page 64) includes a sublime purple sofa. Acclaimed interior designer and hotelier Kit Kemp (page 19), meanwhile, has natural flair for colour; she reveals her unequivocal approach to it in her new book, Design Thread.

Accompanying this edition is our annual free magazine celebrating some of the country’s leading architecture practices. In it, you’ll find inspirational design, cutting-edge eco tech and practical advice about how an architect can help you make better use of your home. Just think of all the opportunities for colour that a new room would give you…

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Editor’s picks

Architecture: Flight of Fancy (photo: Martin Lambie), page 169


Art: Edinburgh Printmakers (photo: Jules Lister), page 196


From left: Trendwatch – Candy Crush: Mandarin Stone, page 64; Trendwatch – Sun, Sea and Style: Lola & Mawu, page 62

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Interiors: Summer Breeze (photo: Simon Brown), page 222


Art news: The Fine Art Society Edinburgh, page 202


Architecture: Industrial Revelation (photo: Keith Hunter), page 150


From left: Heirloom: Margo Selby, page 68; Design new: Miu Miu, page 193


Gardens case study: A Room of One’s Own, page 250


Kitchens: Wren Kitchens, page 106

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