Event Report: Meeting of minds – Bute Fabrics and Timorous Beasties

Two firms, two years: the Alchemy Collection collaboration proves it was worth the wait

White Moth Allover and Omni Drips fabrics

Photography Clubhouse Paradiso

red double-decker bus transported a horde of excited design enthusiasts to the launch of a very cool collaboration between Bute Fabrics and Timorous Beasties. The latter’s workspace in Glasgow, known as the Shed, was the venue for this informal celebration of the Alchemy Collection, which had been two years in the making. As they examined the beautiful wool fabrics, the industry’s key players were fed and watered by Cafezique, Ritchie’s of Rothesay, Bute Brew and Crossbill Gin, who devised the Alchemy Cocktail for the occasion. Accompanying the event was music from DJCJ.

Dramatic drops in new Alchemy fabrics Sour, WooWoo and Mojito
The new collection hanger, designed by Graphical House
Guests from Bute Fabrics, Stuco Design and Sheppard Robson
Catering from Cafezique