Trendwatch: Stone cold style

Make an impact with marble

Marble has been used to add a luxurious element to interiors for centuries and it still packs a punch in homes today. “Marble is tactile and strong, synonymous with luxury and yet somehow understated,” says Dixie Mirowski, Interior Design Director at Catalog Ltd. “Having a valuable and versatile quality, previously only seen in the realms of high-end affluent interiors, it now has found a home in contemporary settings.” If you’re aiming for the real deal, then there are a wealth of modern designs available, or, if on a budget, tap into the wide range of marble effect pieces for an equally impactful look.

Marble Effect Pendant, £99, Cotterell & Co
Stargazer single candle holder, £354, Lara Bohinc for Lapicida
Marble Tray, from £109, Hay
Marble Collage Plate by Cafelab, from £15, Art Rookie
746 Marble Phone, £64.95, Wild & Wolf
Portal Coffee Table, £13,900, Apparatus
Alba Whisky Decanter, £192, Nude
Vantaa Marble Tray Green, £25, Urbanara
Agata Marbled Vase, £16, Curious Egg
Baby Marble Planter, £12, A Splash of Colour
Marble Ebru Light Cheese Board, £75, Nina Campbell
Green Marbleised Wallpaper Mural, £25 per sq m, Murals Wallpaper
Ultra side table in black marble, £1,950, Jonathan Adler