Trendwatch: Herringbone

Herringbone makes a striking floor design; however, don’t disregard it for other pieces around the house. Napkins, cushions, chairs and paint styles all stand out with this pattern for the right reasons. “The herringbone trend has developed from the rise in geometric details,” says interior designer Pat Renson. It’s not just a passing trend either. “Herringbone is a classic,  it’s always been around, and it gives the home a look of the moment but isn’t something that will date. To keep it contemporary mix herringbone with contrasting motifs and work in bright colours.”

Herringbone Knitted Cushion by Sian O’doherty, £65, Made By Hand Online
Altea Ochre Merino Wool Blanket, £99, Urbanara
Golden Herringbone Napkin Set, £28, Anthropologie
Flat 114582A, Juno Collection, £2,430, Stark Carpet
Parquet Dogtooth from the Ella Doran Collection, £65 per sq m, Surface View
Courchevel Side Table, £698, Eichholtz
Herringbone Digital-Print Napkins, £22.99 for set of 4, Zara Home
Saddle Office Chair, £349, West Elm
Beige White, Rich Cream and Soft Shadow, from £15.49 for 750ml, Crown Paints
Gaucho Chevron Rug, £325, Modern Rugs