Take note

Unnecessarily extravagant or that perfect finishing touch?

From £15,000

Making your mark on a product has become the norm of late: monogrammed scarves from Burberry, names emblazoned on bottles of Coke. Customisation is big business, and Edelweiss Pianos has introduced it into the world of music with its personalised pianos. Starting at £15,000, the instruments are created by a high-tech process – the world’s first build-your-own-piano configurator. It took the creators ten months to fine-tune the software, which allows you to build an entirely unique piano in any colour, topped off with a wide range of finishes and specifications. It has a self-playing function too, so you can hear virtuoso performances any time you like.
The Edelweiss brand is the brainchild of 1066 Pianos, a company rooted in technology. It has been at the forefront of instrument innovation, launching the first dedicated self-playing piano with full audio in 2015. So, if your family crest is emblazoned on the wall, and your car, complete with personalised plates, is parked outside, why wouldn’t you take the personal touch one step further and hone your skills on an instrument created entirely by you? Roll over, Beethoven.