Victorian granite Aberdeen home gets a must-have makeover

This 1860s house has kept its period features but fused them with a cool, modern Scandinavian style

When Emily and Andrew Curthoys moved to Aberdeen for Emily’s job in the oil and gas industry, their living arrangements presented some­thing of a dilemma. “We would have been quite happy to rent, but we were amazed by how poor quality many of the rentals in the city were,” says Emily. “The experience put us off so much that we decided to buy a house. It also meant that we could live in a place that we liked.
“We bid on various properties, particularly granite houses with original features, but we didn’t get anywhere. Just when we were on the verge of giving up, the offer we’d made on this property in the Ferryhill area of the city was accepted.”
Between viewing the property and buying it, the couple had been in touch with local architect Andrew Brown, of Aberdeen-based Brown + Brown Architects, to discuss renovation ideas. “We spoke to him early on and he went through various options and the practicalities involved in a renovation – he basically gave us the confidence to do something ambitious,” says Andrew. “As a result of going through that process, we had a much better idea of what would be possible – and how much it would cost.”

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 128-138, issue 105.

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Words: Caroline Ednie
Photography Nigel Rigden
What A three-bedroom Victorian terrace
Where Ferryhill, Aberdeen
Architect Brown + Brown Architects