Rock my world


This little pony is the latest project from clever Stockholm design studio Front, and has been made in collaboration with respected furniture-maker Gebrüder Thonet Vienna. Far outpacing the traditional rocking horse in the style stakes, it uses Thonet’s renowned bent wood technique and was inspired by the same company’s iconic rocking chair. The upholstered leather saddle comes in several colours, including this soft denim blue.
Is it worth buying as an heirloom? Well, Thonet’s all-time classic chair No. 14 (aka the bistro chair) sold in historic numbers – some 50 million between its inception in 1859 and 1930 alone – and is still attracting new generations today. If little Furia is even a tiny bit as successful as that, it’s surely worth a punt.



Price around £630
Words Judy Diamond