Packing a punch

Unnecessarily extravagant or that perfect finishing touch?


Kings of Chelsea

The rich are not like ordinary people. They don’t care about BOGOFs. You’ll never meet them in the bus queue. And when they go on holiday they don’t crush their swimsuit and sandals into a cabin bag then sweat it out in three extra layers all through the flight just to avoid paying for baggage fees. As anyone who recalls that infamous snap of Joan Collins dwarfed by a towering stack of Louis Vuitton suitcases will know, rich people love the concept of too much luggage.
Roberto Cavalli, fashion’s Mister Glitz, has serviced the jet-set for long enough to realise this. With the needs of his glamorous clients in mind, he has created the Grandtour Travel Wardrobe, a statuesque piece of engineering in quilted white leather and polished steel that’s roomy enough to contain all one could need for a week at Antibes or a jaunt to Mustique. It even comes with a stool so you can rest as you ponder what to wear next. The wardrobe interiors, it goes without saying, can be uniquely configured to the owner’s personal specification.

Exclusively available from Kings of Chelsea


Words Judy Diamond