Horse Play


Trying to outdo yourself this Christmas? How do you improve upon the haul Santa left beneath the tree last year? The pressure to stage the best festive surprises for your family grows year on year, with annual bestsellers and top toy lists appearing, it seems, before the pumpkins have been hollowed out. Keeping the spirit of the season alive is tricky, too; how do you retain that magical atmosphere, when Christmas seems to come prepacked in plastic and delivered by courier, as opposed to Father Christmas with his laden sack on the reindeer-guided sleigh?
The Stevenson Brothers – the Kent-based twins who have been making rocking horses by hand since 1982 – might have the answer. They have collaborated with Nuno and Rebecca Fernandes, of Fernandes Exquisite Creations, who are famed for their crystal work on Latin American ballroom dancing costumes, and who have attached an impressive 82,000 crystals to the Stevensons’ steel-grey rocking horse. Simply called Crystal, it’s a shimmering disco ball of a gift that should keep your little darlings happy… until Easter, anyway.