Down the rabbit hole


If Following the white rabbit is shorthand for letting a concept lead you to a strange place of psychological discovery, it’s possibly what Turkish product designer Merve Kahraman was doing when she came up with the idea for this decidedly anthropomorphic chair. Hybrid No 2 is a solidly constructed adult-sized piece of furniture accessorised with two big ears and four little paws. The cream finish and soft white furry leather only add to the impression that a large, angular rabbit has taken up residence in your home. It follows on from the success of Hybrid No 1, a chocolate-coloured seat in the same style which sports four hooves and a pair of outsize antlers.
This blurring of form and function is a speciality of Kahraman’s. After studying interior design in Milan and product design at Central Saint Martins in London, she worked with Tom Dixon and Tord Boontje. Now based in her home town of Istanbul, she has produced a portfolio of thought-provoking pieces that challenge all sorts of established aesthetics (see her Malicious bar stool, based on the torturer’s chair of nails, a favourite of the Spanish Inquisition). Hybrid No 2, thankfully, is more suited to fairytales than nightmares, the perfect place for reading a favourite bedtime story or, better still, a spot of magic realism.

Words Judy Diamond