Catherine Henderson’s home overhauled, ready for a new chapter in her life

A career’s worth of skill and knowledge has been poured into this interior designer’s home on Glasgow’s southside

A pilates holiday in the Mediterranean is Catherine Henderson’s main aim this summer. The intrepid interior designer is refuelling after reaching some­thing of a cross­roads in her life: having spent the last 25 years working flat out on multiple projects – running a showroom and an interiors boutique, travelling all over the globe to meet clients and buy from interna­tional trade shows – she is looking to change pace. “I used to operate with ‘work in progress’ sheets,” she explains. “But at one point, I just stopped and thought – I have 32 jobs on the go at the moment, all at different stages.”
Up until that moment, Catherine hadn’t been able to enjoy much personal time, but her latest project has forced her to lavish a little attention on herself. After spending six years in a five-bedroom period villa in Glasgow’s affluent Pollokshields, she had come to the conclusion that she was ready to down-size. “My son had left home and was in London, and my dog had died,” she explains. “I think I was ready for a new chapter in my life.”
Her shop was in the heart of the bustling southside suburb and she had a flat around the corner that she used as a showcase for work, where clients could go to discuss ideas and see examples of her work away from the busy shopfloor. Despite this, she was considering moving to the west end. “But,” she recalls, “the prices were crazy.” Viewing a series of “nasty conversions”, coupled with the realisation that parking was going to be a big problem, produced a lightbulb moment: “What am I doing?” she thought. That was when she realised her showroom flat would be the ideal place to set up home. She’d had work done to it when she bought it, and living there meant she’d still be in the middle of the Pollokshields community. Even better, she wouldn’t have to endure the buying process again. It all seemed to fall into place.

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 184-193, issue 108.

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Photography Neale Smith
Words Catherine Coyle
Art Direction Gillian Welsh