Blast from the past


What does red smell like? What do ideas taste like? What does music look like? Probably only someone with synesthesia could tell you, though the answer to the last of these questions might be along the lines of the object above. This is Caruso, a ‘musical sideboard’ by Paolo Capello for Italian design house Miniforms, available at Go Modern. Dismayed that pretty much any tangible mani­fes­tation of music has been replaced by mere 1s and 0s drifting invisibly from surround-sound speakers, the designer decided to create “something that gives music back its shape”.
The sideboard fulfils all the traditional functions you’d expect of it – the right-hand door opens to reveal a spacious interior with a glass shelf. But behind the left-hand door is high-tech audio equipment and a Bluetooth connection. Attached is a ceramic speaker, reminiscent of a gramophone trumpet, that produces a startlingly rich, high-performance sound. Appropriately, the piece shares its name with the great Enrico Caruso, who, thanks to his early adoption of sound recording, became the most cele­brated opera singer of the early 20th century.
The cabinet comes in a variety of different wood and lacquer finishes, while there’s a choice of black, grey, pink or this striking lemon for the trumpet. Rock stars and rappers might prefer the limited-edition oak version with a 24ct gold-plated speaker.

From £2,485

Words Judy Diamond.