Kitchens look book

Parisian kitchen from Krieder

Parisian chic

The Parisian kitchen from Krieder demonstrates how to mix dark wood with metallics to make an impact. The handle-less tall unit is finished with a mottled gold lacquer, and the porcelain worktop has been given a speckled iron copper finish, which contrasts with the oak breakfast bar. The centrepiece of the room is the bespoke extractor hood, emblazoned with antique, distressed American tin tiles. From £65,000.

Masterclass Kitchens

Compare and contrast

Masterclass Kitchens has chosen to contrast the dark wood elements of its Centro kitchen with white cabinetry and lighter grain, giving an overall look that is spacious and contemporary. This is really effective in an open-plan space, such as this one, as it makes the room appear streamlined and not too disjointed. From £7500.


Monochrome magic

This kitchen’s smart, sharp look has been created by using the Rivoli range in white lacquer by Mobalpa. It is brilliantly effective against the muted flooring, black-framed windows and dark accessories. A kitchen in any other colour would have only served to emphasise the darkness; instead, the black-and-white theme provides a dramatic look along with a more spacious feel. From £15,000 inc vat and worktop.


Mix it up

Schmidt’s use of both its Glamour and Arcos furniture collections has produced a monochrome effect that could slot straight into a contemporary home. Positioning white cabinets from the Glamour range alongside the windows opens up the kitchen, making it bright enough to accommodate the Arcos Edition island, here in black, to create a sleek, minimal interior. From £10,000.

Kitchens International

Warm up

As well as being used for contrast, dark colours can add warmth to a kitchen that might otherwise feel too cold. The Anthracite Oak used here in a Holwood kitchen by Stoneham does just that. All Stoneham kitchens are bespoke, so customers can get precisely what they need. Kitchens start at £30,000.

Martin Moore

Colour jolt

Martin Moore’s bespoke design is a classic statement; however, the bold burst of the island’s blue (painted in Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue) gives the whole space a thoroughly contemporary edge, contrasting with the Caesarstone work top in Snow and the neutral stone slabs, which make up the floor. Oak pull-out trays and blue glass pendant lights from Curiousa & Curiousa make hip extras. Kitchens start from £35,000.

John Lewis

Paint the town

This Artisan kitchen demonstrates different paint shades and how they can work together: the lighter cabinetry is painted in Earl Grey and the island in Birch, while the fitted pantry unit is in Cardoon. From £25,000 inc vat.


Dark room

In a reversal of the more common arrangement, Neptune has turned things around by topping dark units with a light worktop. Its Suffolk kitchen in Charcoal is balanced even more by white finishing touches such as tiles and pendants. From £9,000. and


Hot spots

The right lighting, positioned in the right places, is a good solution for a dark space, demonstrated here in this Leicht kitchen at Selan Design. Lighting creates mood, and can draw attention to specific spots in a modern design scheme full of statement. From £15,000.


Good enough to drink

Red needn’t be in a bright tone to make an impact. Vino is the colour of this Casa kitchen from Rational. The wine hue adds warmth and accentuates storage space without drowning out the cooking zones. From around £10,000.


City slicker

Rather than hiding the cooking area, the designer has placed SieMatic’s Urban collection kitchen centre stage in this open-plan setting. The handle-less cabintery is finished in a grey matte graphite and the counter tops feature a Silver Moon textured stone design. The open-top drawers are finished in a light Sand Oak and tie in with the base of the mezzanine and the legs of the dining table. From £30,000. and


Shelf life

Open shelves and cabinets can be more than merely extra storage space. Done right, they can provide a decorative element, framing the cooker and displaying your kitchen treasures. It helps if the shelves themselves are attractive, of course – the alcoves in this bespoke cabinetry by Murray & Murray (in a mixture of graphite walnut veneer and hand-painted finishes) have oak veneered interiors. Copper touches add a further luxurious edge. From £30,000.

Woodstock Furniture

Hidden extras

Some kitchen kit is meant to be displayed, but some is less pleasing on the eye. Hide away the untidy bits behind this aluminium tambour door, part of a bespoke kitchen that was designed and created by Woodstock Furniture. Ideal for minimalist kitchens that need to remain clutter-free. Kitchens from £30,000.