Wonder walls

Surface texture is king in this brilliantly put-together home

Malcolm Menzies never gets too comfortable. The Scottish photographer, his wife Fi and daughter Mya have just settled back down into the swing of their detached Victorian home after his latest shoot there has packed up. He uses their home as a backdrop for many of his images, and, as a specialist in photographing interiors, his eye is keener than most. “My work takes me to lots of different places as well, so I get to see nice hotels and restaurants and other people’s houses,” he says, “and they have all influenced me.”
Malcolm has been taking photographs since he was a child at primary school on the isle of Iona, but it wasn’t until he went to university in Edinburgh that he realised his passion could become his career. Focusing on interiors, food and general lifestyle photography, his bread and butter is a sensory overload. He soaks it all up and has used his work as a kind of mental cuttings book or swatch board, taking the bits that he likes and adapting them for his own home.


This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 346-362, issue 100.

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Photography Malcolm Menzies
Words Catherine Coyle