Willing convert

A tired Victorian farmhouse has found new purpose as a generous, unfussy and very comfortable shooting lodge in Perthshire

The risk with any conversion is that you end up with two competing styles, the original and the new, battling it out for supremacy. But not, happily, when Fiona Denholm of Denholm Associates is involved: her transformation of a seven-bedroom Victorian farm­house on a sporting estate into a shooting lodge is wholly successful.
Structural work on the house, in Comrie, Perthshire, stopped short of a total rip-out. Over a one-year build, she added en-suites for each bedroom, a new kitchen, scullery and wet room, along with stoves, fireplaces and panelling. Built-in wardrobes have given the bedrooms a streamlined look that the Victorian country sports enthusiast would have found mystifying. All the time, at every stage of the process, she was thinking of the space, how it would be used and how to maximise its potential.
Fiona’s brief was to make the Lodge “a hard-wearing, functional but comfortable, welcoming space that created a sense of well-being for guests”. To do this, she took into account the age of the property and its location. “I think that is my stamp, designing an interior that has the same DNA as the architecture but with twists and turns to make it fresh,” she says.

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 397-410, issue 100.

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Photography Jenni Browne
Words Stephanie Murphy