The line of beauty

Sharp and sleek and pared back to the bone, this house on the west coast needs no adornment

With its long, low profile and glass and concrete façade, this newly finished house looks as if it belongs in 1960s California instead of modern-day Scotland. But rather than overlooking the Pacific at Malibu Beach, it has been built on a hillside above the eastern shores of the Gare Loch.
Alastair MacIntyre of McInnes Gardner Architects designed it for company executive Alan and his wife Linda. They have lived all over the world, from Tokyo to Connecticut, but are finally back in Scotland after 30 years away. For Alastair, the project is something of a homecoming too: the 1970s red-brick house that used to stand on the site was something of a childhood haunt for him. “I’ve known this house for over 30 years,” he says. “I was a teenager when I met the family who owned it when we were out sailing on the loch, and I became friends with their son John.”
It was John who passed on Alastair’s details to Alan and Linda when he sold them the house. The couple subsequently invited the architect to reimagine the place for a new era. “The original house had a rigorous design profile in its own right,” says Alastair, “but, having known it, I was aware of its shortcomings and could work out how to take it into the next stage of its existence.”


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Photography David Barbour
Words Caroline Ednie