Spotlight on: Kids’ beds

The single life

As the fastest-growing members of the family, children can be the most difficult to cater for in their ever-changing bedrooms, not least when it comes to the bed itself. You want something adaptable and durable, that will help kids to make the transition from the cot years and on into school age. Look for pieces with longevity. Upholstered single beds such as the sleigh-style Madison from Mini Eden are not age-specific; for earlier years, the Madison’s bright primary colour will keep it fresh and youthful, while its tall headboard and clean lines will feel mature later on.’s Linus high bed offers play space as well as sleeping quarters, and really comes into its own once school starts – it comes with a desk underneath.

Play time

While getting shut-eye is technically the function of the bedroom, this isn’t always as high on your little darling’s agenda. Playing is their number-one priority, so embrace this in a practical way by using the bed as an anchor for an imaginative, themed space. Take a subtle, pared-back approach as Woood has done above with contemporary furniture, to ensure the kids won’t tire of a strong look. The brand’s Teepee cabin bed immediately establishes the Wild West theme but its modest, reductive pine frame, finished simply in a white veneer, is not ostentatious or garish, nor does it dominate the room. Instead, it’s the wall art that leaps forward as the main statement, and, unlike the bed, this can be easily replaced. Loaf’s rustic Clamberdoodle storage bed also makes for an effective room divider, allowing separate zones for play and sleep to be marked out.

Aim high

The bunk bed has undergone something of a reinvention of late. No longer does it signal restless nights with a sibling, as they toss and turn on the top bunk; instead, it introduces a new level to the space, much the same as a mezzanine might. Take the alternatives of New York company Oeuf and Austrian children’s brand Perludi. Oeuf’s Perch bunk bed and its slim stilts allow for so much space underneath that it almost creates another room, furnished here as a mini lounge. Similarly, Perludi’s Amber in the Sky bunk bed’s mattress-less design is deliberate on the part of creator, Thomas Maitz, who has opened up a flat area for play or storage underneath. Onwards and upwards.

The Perch bunk bed is made from eco-friendly Baltic birch for sustainability
Oeuf’s Perch bunk bed is made from eco-friendly Baltic birch for sustainability