Inspiration from all over the world brings this family home together

An intriguing blend of Scottish and Middle Eastern influences has given this steading a flavour all of its own

Aberdeenshire is about as far away from Middle East as it is possible to get – and it’s not just the physical distance of five thousand miles that separates them. The two are poles apart in terms of climate, tradition, culture and style. Somehow, though, in her family home, one Scottish interior designer has managed to harmoniously combine the elements that make each destination so unique. In doing so, Emma Clanfield has made her converted steading a place that truly encompasses all the things she loves best.
The way she has approached this project has been quite different from the method she uses when designing interiors for a client. Had the latter been the case, the job would have been planned down to the smallest detail before any work began, with timeframe and budget guiding her. Designing for herself, however, has proven to be a far more organic experience. The furniture, for example, was not carefully picked out in advance with this house in mind. “I’ve just seen it, loved it and bought it,” says Emma, “and then I’ve made it fit!” This method has made the home she shares with her husband and daughter a very personal, eclectic space that tells the story of her life.
Her husband’s engineering job took the couple to the Middle East in the 1990s, where their daughter was born. Emma was keen to have a base in Scotland to keep up family links, so from her modern, spacious, air-conditioned Middle Eastern home, she began searching for property around Aber­deen­shire, where her parents and brother, and his family, are based.
Nothing much caught her eye, until she happened upon a U-shaped steading at the top of a hill. It felt like too good an opportunity to miss.

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 224-234, issue 103.

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What A three-bedroom converted steading
Where Insch, Aberdeenshire
Design Emma Clanfield Decoration & Design
Flowers Trina’s Art & Flowers, Insch
Words Catherine Coyle
Photography Neale Smith
Art Direction Gillian Welsh