Sandra Colamartino, creative director

Owner of the Quirky Gift Library Sandra Colamartino at her offices in Edinburgh.

We produce quirky, design-led gifts for people who are searching for a great present that is a little bit different and original, hence our name, Quirky Gift Library. After studying graphic design and working in newspapers and magazines, I went back to my first love, designing packaging. I began the business in 2008, part-time, in the spare bedroom. Six years on, we have a staff of five and proper premises in Edinburgh, working with local artisan producers and sourcing brilliant but less well-known brands. It all started with chocolate. We now sell seven different flavours that come in 600 uniquely designed wrappers. We work hand in hand with a local artisan confectioner who makes a very high-quality product which we put into packaging that turns it into a fun gift. Whatever we put in the box has to be something we’d be genuinely happy to receive ourselves.

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 167-197, issue 100.

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