Living room look book


Pop art

Lose your inhibitions and have no fear of vibrant colour. Rather than looking childish and obtrusive, a palette of primary hues can be sophisticated and artful – if the living room is approached more like a gallery space than a home. Linear, angular shapes play a significant role in Very’s Urban Tribe lounge, in order to emphasise the sloping ceiling. Every aspect is carefully considered, particularly the close relationship between the mustard column, housing the minimal fireplace, the sharp pillar-box red corner sofa and the rug, but an opportunity to have fun remains – you need only look at the zebra head mounted on the wall. £POA

Vanessa Arbuthnott

New tricks

As period features frame this diminutive lounge (from the wooden panelling on the sloping ceiling to the uneven cobbles that form the floor), a combination of minimal pieces, contemporary Vanessa Arbuthnott fabrics and traditional seating that both respect and update these features are arranged in between. Aim for a cosy, characterful room, and look out for bold prints in subdued shades to achieve something similar. Birds and Beasts and Harris Tweed fabrics from £48 per metre.