Jephson Robb, artist

Designer and Artist Jephson Robbin hos work space in Glasgow.
never set out to become an artist. But life showed me that this is what I am good at. Sometimes I think public art is vandalism. That’s why I don’t do more. I’m not out to the litter the world with blobs of public art. I tend to only do one major piece a year. All my work is about human connections. It’s all about emotions – it’s not intellectual at all. It’s about how we connect with ourselves, with others and with the universe around us. Healing, change, regeneration, transformation – these are the themes of my work. If art has a function, it’s to show us ways to live, to help us live in the day – whether a good day or a bad day – with all the challenges that presents. It brings relief or it helps us celebrate.
This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 167-197, issue 100.

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