In the frame: Kristina Lindhe

Kristina Lindhe

Kristina Lindhe is the founder and CEO of Lexington Company, an American lifestyle brand that specialises in homewares and textiles.

How has the Lexington style evolved?
We keep tight to our original concept, inspired by New England style. It is classic and crafted with exceptional quality. Alongside this, we bring trends from fashion into our interior collection, picking out a colour or an interesting textile structure each season. That’s what keeps the brand alive.

Who or what has influenced you most?
The American east coast. Lexington is a small town outside Boston, the heart of New England. I love the architecture, the cedar houses and everything around it. But I am open to everything and anything. I get inspiration from the seasons, travelling and bits and pieces from the world around me.

What is your favourite building?
I love New England houses, painted in simple white, in avenues lined with cedar trees. I can’t get enough of them. Apart from that, when I was in Brooklyn recently looking for inspiration for our newest collection, I fell in love with the Wythe Hotel. It’s an old factory on the Williamsburg waterfront that has been turned into a hotel. It has jaw-dropping views over Manhattan.

Describe your dream home
My dream home is the house I live in! All it lacks is the American way of having a bathroom for every bedroom. We don’t have this tradition in Scandinavia.

What is the interior like?
The walls are white, to let the light in and create a natural look. I work a lot with textiles, so I change throws each season to get the right atmosphere. I like to mix new designs with vintage items to make the place more personal. But I don’t like too many pieces in one room – every detail has to be there for a reason.

What makes a home?
The people who live there. And the personal touches: photos and treasures. No one wants to live in an exhibi­tion; I don’t like homes that are over-styled.

How do you relax?
I love to be with my family, to read and to be outside. Luxury for me is to wake up and have absolutely nothing planned for the day. It happens too rarely.

Which iconic interior product do you wish you had designed?
The classic New England Adirondack chair. It’s a simple design that brings joy but remains functional.

What are you sitting on right now?
An upholstered chair with a loose white cover – very common in our house!