Gillian Smith, gallerist

Gallerist Gillian Smith at Callendar House in Falkirk.

I have curated and programmed the Park Gallery at Callendar House, which is part of Falkirk Community Trust, for the past seven years. It’s non-stop. I write the brochure, think about the marketing, plan the accompany-ing events and work with the artists. And I still have to find time to think about what we’re going to show in a year’s time. I am very enthusiastic, and I like to aim high. The gallery is at the heart of the community. We want to take folk on a journey and expose them to different artists. We also want to show them how many locally born artists have done brilliant things – in recent years we’ve worked with Elizabeth Blackadder, Alan Davie, Marion Deuchars and Fiona Strickland, among others, who are all from this area. Ruth Nicol [see page 325] is on just now. Working with Alan Davie was wonderful – a highlight of my career so far. When we were planning his show in 2010, he invited me to his studio in London and gave me a tour of his house. He played the piano and was just so welcoming. I’ll never forget it.

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 167-197, issue 100.

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