Extension brings a touch of modernity to suburb

A suburban bungalow in Edinburgh gets a fresh perspective on the world

Location is always cited as the most important aspect of any house, and for good reason. But what if the location is really the only thing it’s got going for it? That was the situation Phil and Laura Hooker found themselves in, when, after several years in their brilliantly positioned detached bungalow in the Edinburgh suburbs, they realised it was failing to live up to its potential. “The house was quite dark and enclosed with separate, disconnected rooms,” says Phil. “We were both really busy with work, so we wanted to be sharing the same space during the limited time that we were actually in the house.” More open-plan living areas, where they could spend time together or with friends and family, were sorely needed. “We just wanted to maximise our comfort levels, really.”

The couple were led by word of mouth to architect Craig Amy, whom they tasked with reorganising the ground floor and making better use of the attic, which at the time contained a big bedroom and a tiny box room. “We’d come up with a few ideas during the years we’d lived in the house, which we passed on to Craig, but we were definitely open to his suggestions as well,” says Phil.

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 119-128, issue 101.

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Photography David Morris
Words Caroline Ednie
What A renovated and extended bungalow
Where Oxgangs, Edinburgh
Architect Craig Amy
Main contractor PJM Joinery & Building
Structural engineer Structural Design Consultants