Dark and handsome

The wild north-west of Skye has attracted some remarkable new homes over the last few years. This one, with its rugged good looks, fits right in

“On our very first meeting with the architect, we said we didn’t want a house that looked like a shed, and we didn’t want skylights. And what we’ve ended up with could hardly be more shed-like or have more skylights!” laughs Anne Williams as she describes the house she and her husband Matthew have just moved into on the Isle of Skye.
“It’s to the credit of Mary Arnold-Forster, our archi­tect, that she was able to persuade us that this is what would work best for the site. It was very subtle – we weren’t even aware we were being persuaded! We really loved her design for the house, and realised it was the right thing to do.”
Anne and Matthew’s decision to build a house on the north-west corner of Skye was largely influenced by the fact that Anne’s sister and her husband had built their own home on the island. “My sister was so enthusiastic about the area that Matthew came up on his own to view a neighbouring plot for sale. He bought it there and then. I’d never seen it – I hadn’t even been up to this area of Skye before!”
Although the couple didn’t have immediate plans to build, they decided to go ahead as they felt the house could be a haven for their children to enjoy while they were growing up. It was then that they contacted Dualchas Architects with a brief for a house that would make the most of spectacular views over Loch Dunvegan towards the Western Isles.

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 274-284, issue 100.

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Photography Andrew Lee
Words Caroline Ednie