Case study: The living room inspired kitchen

Cameron Interiors

A fully functioning kitchen that has been designed to look like a living room

Sleek, streamlined kitchens are the order of the day in homes across the country. But some households take that ethos of pared-back minimalism one step further. The kitchen pictured above, in a townhouse in central Edinburgh, is so strictly unadorned that it’s almost unrecognisable as a kitchen in the traditional sense. And that’s precisely what the owners wanted.
This is actually the second kitchen in the house. The main one is downstairs, on the ground floor. “The owners wanted something that would be more for reheating food or making coffee. It’s not really for preparing a three-course meal, although you could – it’s completely functional,” explains Kirsten Robeson, the designer at Cameron Interiors who was in charge of the project.
“It was crucial that the room didn’t look like a kitchen, as it is adjacent to the living space, via double doors that are nearly always kept open.”
This is a ‘grown-up’ area of the house (the owners’ two young children have a large playroom downstairs, next to the main kitchen), so this room has deliberately been given quite a moody look, thanks to the use of dark aluminium and a dark Caesarstone worksurface. The walnut edge of the unit gives it a slightly softer feel, which again takes it away from the ‘kitchen’ look and lets it blends into the room.

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 74-76, issue 98.

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What A secondary kitchen in a large family house. The room is on the first floor of the building, next to the living room
Biggest challenge To keep the room looking understated, and to ensure that all the necessary appliances were included – but out of sight.
Timescale From planning to completion took five weeks.
Budget A Bulthaup b3 kitchen starts at £25,000.
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