Case study: Easy does it every time

Robert Wilson Photography

With two children and a busy lifestyle, the owners of this kitchen wanted something smart, simple and clean

Knocking down walls is always a gamble. Not in the sense that the ceiling might fall in – few homeowners these days are daft enough to meddle with sup­porting walls without the appropriate permissions and a qualified builder on hand – but because for all that you might have thought long and hard about the proposed layout of your new space, there is no guarantee that it will feel right – that the proportions will be harmonious, or that the light will be sufficient, or that the room will feel cohesive.
But when the owners of this house in Edinburgh saw what was produced by removing the lath and plaster separating several small ground-floor rooms, they were thrilled. They finally had space for the large kitchen-diner they had long dreamed of for themselves and their two young children. Now all they needed was a designer who could make the most of their freshly prepared square footage.
Michael James, of Edinburgh home remodellers Install Elite, who was taking care of the structural work on the house, suggested the owners talk to Kitchens International. The two firms have worked together on several projects, with impressive results. And the respect is mutual: “Michael’s attention to detail and pro­fes­siona­lism reflect the importance we place on offering a high level of customer service,” ack­now­ledges Stuart Miller of Kitchens International.

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Brief The clients wanted a contemporary and practical kitchen for their new living-dining space. It had to be easy to maintain, with lots of easy-access storage, and be a sociable space for informal dining and gatherings. The layout required the designer to take advantage of the aspect onto the exterior decking and large garden beyond.
Works required A full kit-out job was needed, which was done in collaboration with Install Elite.
Biggest challenge With so much space to play with, many of the usual challenges facing the kitchen designer did not arise. But it still took a lot of thought and planning to make the space as efficient and easy to use as possible. This was done partly through the extensive use of pull-out storage, which meant clutter could be kept to a minimum and everything be kept firmly in its place, combined with worksurfaces that need little effort to keep them looking good.
Budget The Leicht Pinta-C handleless cabinets cost £17,000.
Designer Kitchens International, 0131 523 0477
Photography Robert Wilson
Words Judy Diamond