Case study: Country life


A traditional style makes perfect sense in this modern house

Starting with a blank slate can be exhilarating when it comes to a new kitchen: there is no preconceived idea about where the various elements should be positioned or how the essential compo­nents might best fit together. But a blank slate can also be a daunting prospect, for exactly the same reasons: with nothing to react against, how do you even know where to begin?
This was the position the owners of this house in Aberdeenshire found themselves in. Their property was still under construction when they called in the design team at Murray & Murray to discuss what might be done with their as yet non-existent kitchen.
“The house has a modern, country feel to it,” says Gillian McCollum, the firm’s chief designer, “so to me it made sense to go for a traditional, family-friendly kitchen that would feel warm, homely and welcoming.”
This instinct was backed up by the fact that while the house was a new-build, it was nevertheless full of the sort of details that are more typical of an older, period property – a slate roof, high skirting boards and intricate plaster cornices, for example. Gillian knew that a kitchen complementing these features, using natural materials wherever possible, would fit in beautifully. “As it was a bespoke commission, everything would be entirely designed and made to order by Murray & Murray,” she says. “We decided to go with hand-painted cabinetry, granite worktops and a solid oak breakfast bar, all sitting on natural limestone flagstone flooring.”


This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 94-97, issue 105.

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Photography Kevin McCollum
Words Judy Diamond
Brief To design, manufacture and install a traditional farmhouse-style kitchen fit for cooking and socialising.
Works required Everything – this was the first kitchen in a brand-
new house.
Biggest challenge Dealing with the lack of wall space against which to position the cabinets. Although the footprint of the room was large, the number of doors and windows restricted the designer’s options.
Budget Undisclosed.
Designer Murray & Murray, 01592 774363