Maison Valentina’s Symphony bath tub

Unnecessarily extravagant or that perfect finishing touch?

Maison Valentina’s Symphony bath tub


In the shower we’re all pop stars. Warbling with gusto into the shampoo bottle, to a captive audience of rubber ducks, Mariah Carey had better watch her back – that is, until the neighbours start banging on the wall. If the street’s not ready for your jams, channel your musicality into the bathroom’s design instead. The inspiration behind Maison Valentina’s Symphony bath tub is not difficult to spot: by name and by nature, the white enamelled, cast-iron piece is a tribute to soaring orchestral music, and nods to the similarly structured Symphony console by the high-end Portuguese brand’s sister company, Boca do Lobo. You might need a platinum record and a few breathing exercises under your belt before you face the rather scary music that is the price tag, but who wouldn’t want to soak in an organ-like sculpted and polished brass masterpiece? Now, that’s a nice set of pipes. Words Rosie Duncan

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