In the Dog House

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Carve out space for your furry friends to eat, play and sleep

The kennel has come a long way. Once forgotten at the back of the garden, the dog’s quarters has transformed into something more akin to a Wendy house. Approach the design as if you were building an extension or garden room and consider what relationship the dog house will have with the rest of the outdoor space and property. Period homes can absorb the grandeur of Aristopaws’ Rectory Mansion (above left), while Magis’s minimalist house (above right) is made for modern, urban environments – think inner-city courtyards and stretches of decking. If space is tight, the house will slot in, without disrupting the area.

Whimsical gardens call for a more creative home: Straight Line Designs’ series of caravans (top) are a tongue-in-cheek take on the camper van often found cluttering up the drive, and come with their own shelf for storing food and toys.
Practicalities are vital. Plan ahead and seek out robust structures made from watertight wooden panelling and newer, innovative materials, such as polyethylene, which is designed to withstand the elements. Keep openings clear for ventilation, pad the floor with waterproof blankets and look to include a food station for water bowls and treats. You could even build your own: plans are readily available online.