Bathrooms look book

Gerberit master-04203460

Clean as a whistle

This toilet by Geberit, the AquaClean Mera, has a multitude of high-tech functions, such as a heated seat and washing and drying capabilities. These are all hidden within a sleek, streamlined and fuss-free design, which means that it will fit it with most bathrooms, but will look its best in a highly polished modern one, such as that below. From £4740.


Comfort is key

The look of the new Shui Comfort collection by Cielo, an expansion of the Shui line designed by Paolo D’Arrigo, is one of clean and soft lines, with added comfort. Contrast this softness with a tough exposed brick wall and use wood for the flooring, adjoining wall and ceiling, and complement the minimalist design of the pieces by keeping finishing touches, such as lighting, simple. £POA,

Soak it up

Use the Easy Wet Room shower tray to get a wet room effect without having to commit to building one. By having the rest of the room tiled, as pictured here, the slight lip of the shower tray is barely visible. Adding a pale floor to contrast with darker walls creates the idea of openness and light and makes the room feel bigger. Wooden finishes add warmth. From £219.

Talking head

Although it has a minimalistic look, this modern and unique shower head by Zucchetti really becomes the talking point of the room. Designed by Diego Grandi, it was inspired by the shape of a lamp, and the wall-mounted swivel system provides multi-directional movement, allowing the shower head to be adjusted into the best position. Match its cool aesthetic with equally quirky yet stylish pieces, and focus on lines such as this geometric flooring and zany chair. From £950 (plus VAT).

Gold rush

An entirely white bathroom complete with marble flooring is already a pretty opulent look, but add the new Brushed Gold finish to the EauZone-plus collection and it really does begin to look like five-star luxury. The gold also injects a welcome touch of warmth. The key to this look is not to overdo the opulence: keep the look simple and pared back to really let the precious metal stand out. 1200mm door with Brushed Gold finish is £2094 (inc VAT).

Keep it simple

Matalan Direct’s simple yet effective bath design, the Essentials Shore single-ended bath, can slot seamlessly into a variety of colour schemes and layouts, but it looks particularly at home in an almost monochrome theme like this one. Add just a hint of colour through accessories such as the towels and bathmat, and pair it with wooden furniture such as this gloss walnut storage cabinet, mounted vanity unit and toilet unit. Bath, £139.

Square go

Against the soft, neutral walls, gleaming floors and filmy voile, the acute lines of Cappellini’s Panda crimson corner sofa could easily domineer the space, were it not for the other pieces in the room. Storage cubes, rectangular shelving and a low coffee table, all featuring the same print in a limited black, white and red scheme, make sense of the bold modular seating and the layers of cushions (to compensate for the lack of back support), and help integrate the shapes into the rest of the room. From £2060.

Light fantastic

Shutters are a great alternative to blinds in a bathroom, letting natural light in but ensuring privacy. These full-height MDF shutters from the Shutter Store look stylish, and the MDF is both affordable and easy to clean. Painting them white keeps the bathroom bright, and when framing the bath, as in this image, they can become a focal feature of the room in their own right. £168 per m2.