Match up

Annebet Philips

Burning the candle at both ends?

Somewhere in Amsterdam, there is a table that knows just how you feel. The Bugie is the brainchild of Dutch designer Annebet Philips, whose portfolio of humorous takes on ordinary objects includes a cheeky Couch on Canvas and Cut Out Cutlery. This, her latest project, is made from ash wood, finished in white or jet-black gloss, and is part of a larger series for Italian furniture brand Mogg.
Its traditional turned legs are to be expected, shouldering such heavy-duty wood, but, in the Bugie’s case, the usual four-point support network has been traded for a new arrangement. Its legs pierce through the table-top, morphing as they go into a motley collection of sculpted candlesticks, to “give a recognisable but new shape”, according to Philips.
Not all is as it seems, however. The mirror image is only an illusion; the reality is removable,
magnetic table-top sticks. Why? So they needn’t interrupt place settings and can be separated from their unlikely partners underneath. You might not want to, though – very little beats dining by the light of a candle or six.
The humble candle-holder and table leg, reimagined as one and the same. Just be sure you light the right end.

The Bugie by Annebet Philips, £2800,