Dramatic, bold and beautiful Edwardian villa

Black ceilings, white floors, daring tricks of scale, dazzling artworks – everywhere you look in this inspiring Edwardian villa there is drama waiting to be found

Michael Minns is a little down in the mouth. He has just returned from a few days in Paris, and now, having immersed himself in some of his favourite boutiques, galleries and pavement cafés, his head is filled with all sorts of plans to overhaul his home back here in the UK. That’s nothing new for Michael, however; this is a man who, when it comes to making decisions about the interior of his Yorkshire home and how he wants it to look, relies on his gut. He’s instinctive but, as you’ll see from the pages that follow, it’s a method that has wholeheartedly paid off. “I’m not able to walk down the street without cataloguing colour, texture and shape,” he admits. “I’m forever making notes and taking pictures on my iPhone for things I need to research and look into.”
With a background in window-dressing, art direction and, latterly, curating his own concept store, 47 Park Avenue, Michael is certainly a very visual person. He and his partner Jonathan had only completed one renovation before this project crept up on them. They had been living in London in a converted tannery in Bermondsey which they had refurbished back in 2003. “It was never our intention to move to Yorkshire,” Michael recalls. But when his sister announced she was pregnant, he and Jonathan decided to look for a house close to hers that they could use as a base, so they could spend time with their new nephew. “We wanted to see him grow up, but we also wanted to be comfortable and not have to rely on hotels because of Oscar, Charlie and Jacob, our three dogs.” It had been their intention to travel between London and Yorkshire while they worked on the house, but it turned into such an involving project that they only got back to London three times during the 18-month renovation period. They’ve hung onto the Bermondsey pad, but today it’s Yorkshire they call home.

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 140-148, issue 93.

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Words Catherine Coyle
Photography Michael Minns
What A five-bedroom Edwardian villa
Where East Riding, Yorkshire