In a spin

Outrageously expensive and unnecessarily extravagant or that perfect finishing touch for your life?



Rewind several centuries and Earth was the centre of the universe. The sun? It was just the funny fiery ball caught in an endless loop around us. But we lost our pivotal position and soon learned just who the real star of the solar system was. Now, British stone expert Lapicida and Slovenian jeweller Lara Bohinc pay a collaborative tribute to the sun with Solaris, a design piece/coffee table that the rest of your decor will be happy to orbit around.
Just ten of these four-tiered tables have been produced, which no doubt goes some way to explaining the interstellar price tag. But this is beautifully crafted object, made from superb materials. Measuring a metre wide when closed, it spirals out to nearly twice that size from a single rotation spindle, inspired by planetary movements.
In the closed position, Solaris has the look of a stack of bangles; open, and you can see that each layer is made of a different gold-veined marble, graduating from darkest Nero Marquina to lightest Calacatta Oro. A brushed brass bowl – surely too nice for peanuts or olives – has been sunk into each.
The mugs and magazines of mere earthlings seem unfit to land on a work of art posing as a coffee table, and we’re not convinced the rest of your room won’t be completely overshadowed. Still, we all need to be left a little starry-eyed now and then. Living rooms, prepare for a Solaris eclipse.,