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The vistas from a rugged corner of Skye proved irresistible for one couple

The views from this rugged corner of Skye proved irresistible to a couple in search of the perfect place to build a new home Do certain places on Earth possess…

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Ardnamurchan project resulted in a high-spec property

With the pedigree of Dualchas behind it, HebHomes has taken the kit house to a whole new level In the surface of it, the decision to replace a post-war prefab…

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Escape: The Bosville

A refurb that mixes contemporary design with local touches has transformed this hotel into the new must-visit destination on Skye We arrived to the worst…

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Bold Glasgow home oozes clever design in more ways than one

A hundred-year-old Arts and Crafts house on the outskirts of Glasgow is ready for another century of gracious living On the day that William Morris would have…

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This Life: Anna McManus

The Scandinavian heritage of the woman behind the Tiny Vikings brand shines through in both her home and her work Anna McManus is laughing as she describes how…

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How one couple overhauled their whole home themselves

A remarkable restoration project has given a near-collapsing Georgian townhouse a new lease of life Estate agents love to talk about ‘kerb appeal’ – the…

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Converted Georgian manor house ticks all the boxes for modern living

A simple but beautiful colour scheme unifies this converted Edinburgh mansion house Edinburgh’s history is seductive. Tourists can’t get enough of the…

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A new, open kitchen and dining room provides a better connection to the garden

Happiness, for the owners of this house, came from the simple creation of a better connection to their garden If you’re going to do something, do it right.…

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