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By mixing large pieces with vibrant textiles, one interior designer makes a bold statement

This Arkansas home combines the best of rural life and city living Tyler Hill and Michael Mitchell had a difficult job on their hands when they took on the…

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A move from London to Edinburgh, where home is now a Georgian masterpiece

The old faded grandeur of this Georgian townhouse has given way to a warm and vibrant home What does ‘home’ mean? That was a question Rachel Richmond found…

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Once upon a time in the west

The Pony Up Ranch, deep in the Colorado Rockies, embraces the great outdoors in serious style Having been born and raised on the west coast of Scotland, my…

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This life: Errol Park

Weddings, polo ponies, conservation and renewable energy are all in a day’s work for the man who runs this Perthshire estate Friendship means everything. The…

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Escape: Well Court Hall

Innovative architecture and carefully crafted interior design has turned this former community hall into a stylish getaway in the heart of Edinburgh We’ve…

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A meticulously designed Glasgow townhouse takes a bow

When Emma Ellson was first invited along to see a client’s latest property acquisition, she had to look past a lot of dated décor and uneven…

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Behind closed doors: DAD Bookbinders

Breathing new life into old books, a team of artists in Glasgow are keeping an ancient craft alive Given the nature of our throwaway culture and insatiable…

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This Life: Georgina McMaster

The wildlife and nature of rural Aberdeenshire provide ideal inspiration for this Scottish painter Georgina McMaster is beaming as she opens the door of her…

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