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Glasgow conversion takes urban sophistication to new heights

The former Westbourne School for Girls has graduated to residential use, winning honours for style in the process Many of Glasgow’s grand terraces and…

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Two crumbling farm buildings rebuilt and connected

Linking two reconstructed croft buildings has created a single, sensational dwelling After thirty years in the south of England, Thelma Archer was ready to…

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Dark stone cottage opened up to the northern light

A light, bright home has been coaxed out of the dark, cramped confines of an old Aberdeenshire cottage If you’re about to embark on a self-build project,…

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Unusual progression for Renfrewshire new-build

Renovation would have improved the house that was originally here, but the decision to demolish and begin afresh has been truly vindicated Nothing, in the…

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Tigh­nabruaich villa gets an elegant makeover

A holiday home should harness the best of the weather, just as this West Coast villa does Amanda Rosa, the interna­tionally acclaimed interior designer, was…

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This Life: Rosie Leslie

When Rosie Leslie was a child, she spent her summers with her grandparents at their country home in Renfrewshire, just outside Glasgow. They had an old…

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